• Action 9: BBB suggests shopping around for traveler's insurance

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As people keep an eye on weather in the Atlantic this week, you may be taking that beach trip this holiday weekend. You always run risk of having to cancel your trip, or cut it short and being out the money. 
    Jackie Davis is glad she isn't taking the family to the Outer Banks this week.
    "We don't want to lose any of our time out in the sun," she said. But she is taking them in three weeks. She knows there's always a risk plans could change.
    "I mean, we're pretty safe people, we think. Knock on wood," she said.
    Travel insurance covers cancellations, trip interruptions and some medical emergencies. AAA sells the insurance and calls it the ultimate safety net.
    AAA's Mike Rhead said travelers shouldn't assume it covers everything, including the situation this week. 

    "If a storm's already named or brewing or an event has already happened, it may not cover that," he said.
    The Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports say read the fine print -- see what qualifies as an acceptable reason to cancel or interrupt your trip and shop around.
    So Action 9's Jason Stoogenke did. Stoogenke compared rates at five companies, all in good standing with the BBB. He typed in dates for this weekend, for two people, for a $2,000 trip. The companies offer anywhere from two to five plans each. Stoogenke found one for as low as $54, but most range from $70 to about $120. 
    Also, check your homeowners and health insurance. They may cover some travel situations and you don't want to double up.

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    Action 9: BBB suggests shopping around for traveler's insurance