• Action 9: Local pie maker says cooler doesn't get cold enough

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - When a Charlotte eatery had problems keeping food cold, the owner turned to Action 9.
    The owner, Cora Copeland, was worried her food was going to get too warm.  Then her health score could go down and customers could get sick.  So she felt it was a race against the clock.
    Copeland spent more than 20 years in the finance world.  She left recently to open the restaurant, CC's Pies and Cafe.
    Copeland bought a cooler from AG Restaurant Equipment Supply for $1,500. 
    After all, the BBB gives it an A+ rating. But she said the case wasn't keeping her pies cold enough.
    "I threw almost $200 worth of pies away because I had to throw everything that was in here away.  I had just baked it," she said. "I can't keep doing that."
    She admits AG came to fix the cooler multiple times, and gave her $100 back.  But she couldn't keep the temperature below 40 degrees.
    "I don't want anything but a working machine.  I don't want anything more than $1,500 worth,” she said.
    When she contacted Action 9, Action 9 contacted AG.  Owner Sean Ghoens said his company didn't do anything wrong, but agreed to take another look.  Action 9 met him at the cafe and he showed the problem: someone put doors over the compressor, ones that didn't let enough air in.  He said those doors were "suffocating" the compressor.
    He changed those doors and, just to be safe, gave Copeland a new compressor, free. He said that cost him roughly $300.
    "We'll just do the right thing, but, it's her fault, and we're going to stand behind it, just because that's what we do," Ghoens said.
    Both sides parted on good terms.
    "That's all I wanted.  I just wanted it to be resolved.  And I appreciate Channel 9 and I appreciate Jason (Stoogenke).  Thank you so much," she said.

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    Action 9: Local pie maker says cooler doesn't get cold enough