• Action 9: Man frustrated with customer service after flat tire

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - When a man kept having the same problem with his riding mower -- a flat tire -- he turned to Action 9.

    Curtis Stradford wishes he had done one thing early on to avoid problems in the first place.

    "Yeah, I got a big yard," Stradford said.

    Stradford feels a push mower just won't cut it. He likes riding mowers, except his newest one keeps getting flat tires.

    "With these economic times, I'm stretched for every dollar," he said.

    Stradford said the first time, Sears sent someone to seal it. He said he should have demanded a new tire then and there.

    "I should have insisted that he replace the tire when he originally came out, the repairman originally came out," Stradford said. "Instead of sealing it."

    Instead, months later, the same tire went flat again.

    The time, he said, Sears wasn't as quick to help. So, he reached out to Action 9.

    Shortly after Channel 9 got in touch with Sears, the company got him a new tire. He said he's 100 percent satisfied.

    "It's been very stressful these last couple of weeks and I do appreciate everything Channel 9 has done for me," Stradford said.

    He works in customer service and now he's riding high as a customer himself.

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    Action 9: Man frustrated with customer service after flat tire