• Action 9: Woman disputes claim about owing mortgage payments

    By: Don Griffin


    Teresa Stroud is fighting to hold on to her home of 16 years. Her mortgage company was threatening to foreclose, claiming she owes $7,600 to bring the loan current.

    “If I owed them that kind of money, I'd be out the door,” Stroud said. “I'd been out the door.”

    Ocwen Loan Servicing wrote Stroud, saying she owed six mortgage payments, plus reimbursement for taxes Ocwen paid and fees to her previous loan servicer.

    “I dispute everything they sent to me,” Stroud said.

    She said she has proof she paid her taxes to the county and claims she had no outstanding balance with her previous mortgage company.

    She also produced wire transfer receipts showing she's been making her $601 mortgage payments.

    “This is ongoing. That's when I called you to write to you to see if you can help me,” Stroud said.

    Action 9 got in touch with Ocwen.  They reviewed their files and made an adjustment, wiping out $4,000 in previous fees.

    A spokesman said they would credit her another $1,500 if Stroud sends them proof she paid her taxes.

    But Ocwen still disputes her payments.

    That's when Action 9 referred Stroud to Bruce Hamlett, who directs Community Link, a HUD-approved housing counseling agency that helps homeowners like Stroud by talking to their lenders.

    “If in fact payments have been made, that money went somewhere and we'll help them identify where that money is,” Hamlett said.

    Stroud is scheduled to meet with Community Link to help her avoid foreclosure.

    The phone number for distressed homeowners to call for Community Link is 866-230-0956.

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    Action 9: Woman disputes claim about owing mortgage payments