• Action 9: Woman regrets post on website about ex-boyfriend

    By: Don Griffin


    Leslie Orr said she was angry and hurt after finding out her boyfriend was seeing other women.

    “I wanted to warn other women in Charlotte,” Orr said.

    To get back at him, she went online to a website called reportyourex.com and posted his picture. She claimed that he treated her like trash, lied to her face and became intimate with other women and then dumped them.

    “Everything I posted in the post was true,” Orr said.

    But then, the post started causing problems on his job.

    “I felt really bad after I posted it, and I wished I hadn't posted it,” Orr said.

    She requested the website take down her post. She said she emailed them four times since last May.

    “They have completely ignored the request because the post is still up there,” Orr said.

    So Action 9 sent the website an email asking about removing Orr’s post and also called them.

    It worked. Reportyourex.com immediately removed the post, so now when Orr types in her ex's name, it comes up "no record found."

    “You guys made one call and now it’s gone,” Orr said.

    Although she laughs, Orr said she's learned that posting bad things about other people is wrong.

    “Because it damages the reputation of others,” Orr said.

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    Action 9: Woman regrets post on website about ex-boyfriend