• Action 9: Woman says bank refused to help track down person who cashed check

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - When a person writes a check, a customer expects a bank to be able to find out if the right person cashed it.

    When a Charlotte woman tried to follow the money, her bank refused to help.

    Latra Reid sent a business a check. The business stated it never got it.

    She thought her bank, First Community, could sort it out, but she got a different reaction.

    Reid and her daughter were excited.

    They signed up for a bus tour to Niagara Falls. The tour company, Evans Tours, ended up canceling the trip and refunded their money except $200.

    The company said it never got the $200. So, Reid went to her bank, First Community.

    She got a copy of the check with proof somebody cashed it, but it's not clear who endorsed it.

    "But I'm like, 'Where's my $200?' My bank's saying it was cashed," Reid said.

    Action 9 asked Evans Tours to make sure it didn't cash the check.

    A woman said someone must have cashed it, but it wasn't her company.

    "Our bank has no record of it. We've called our bank, she was even on the phone with our bank. Our bank has no record of it," the woman said.

    Reid and Action 9 went back to her bank.

    Action 9 asked the teller how a First Community customer can find out who cashed his or her check.

    The teller and her supervisor wouldn't look into it, so Action 9 called the bank's lawyer, who said "no comment" and hung up.

    Action 9 called back.

    He said he might look into it, but never called us back, which was disappointing for Reid.

    "They don't act like they want to do anything," she said.

    She said she's changing banks.

    "What are they losing? Nothing by my account," Reid said.

    Officials with another bigger bank that asked not to be named told Action 9 in the same situation, it would immediately have its fraud department track down who cashed the check.

    If you've been ripped off, overbilled or misled; or if you see something that is hurting all consumers, contact Action 9.

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    Action 9: Woman says bank refused to help track down person who cashed check