• Action 9: Woman says car warranty didn't help her

    By: Don Griffin


    A woman said she paid close to $2,000 for a car warranty, but when a part broke, she couldn't get the money to fix it.

    Yvonne Sanders drives a 9-year-old SUV and decided to spend nearly $2,000 for an extended warranty with a company named My Car Solutions.

    “I felt like it was a good deal,” she said.

    But when her alternator went out, she said she found out her protection plan was worthless.

    Sanders said she was told by the warranty fulfillment company they never activated the warranty because My Car Solutions never paid them.

    She said she couldn’t reach My Car Solutions to get her money back.

    “I just wish y’all could find out what's going on, because $1,900 is a lot of money,” Sanders said.

    Action 9 found out that the Federal Trade Commission shut down My Car Solutions for misleading consumers. An FTC spokesperson said the agency also banned owner Fred Khalilian from telemarketing car warranties, which were filled with exclusions.

    The BBB said that's the problem with many warranties -- they don't cover anything.

    “Time and again, the first response they have in any situation like this is, ‘No, you're not covered. No, that's not covered under this policy,’” said Tom Bartholomy with the BBB.

    Although the FTC has frozen My Car Solutions’ bank account, there is little chance of Sanders getting any of her $1,900 back.

    She now tells others instead of buying a warranty, put the money aside for future repairs.

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    Action 9: Woman says car warranty didn't help her