• Action 9: Woman says company never provided refund, new product

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    WADESBORO, N.C. - A Wadesboro grandmother came home to a disgusting septic problem.

    "You could hear it just bubbling in my daughter's bathroom back there like it was going to explode," said Karen Eller.

    The company offered her a refund and new product but never actually gave them to her until she got in touch with Action 9.

    Eller and her granddaughter were at an Easter egg hunt. They came home and saw a toilet overflowing.

    "I don't know how to explain how nasty. You got pure poop coming everywhere. It's all in my bathtub, all in my shower," Eller said.

    She said she had been using Septic Helper 2000, from Miller Products in New Jersey.

    It's supposed to help break up what goes down the toilet so the septic tank doesn't back up.

    Eller said when she hired someone to pump the septic tank, it was full of toilet paper.

    "And that's what I bought the Miller Product for. To eat up the toilet paper. It's full of toilet paper," she said.

    She said she was going to overlook the problem until Miller Products called her, trying to sell her more Septic Helper 2000.

    "That's when I got upset," Eller said.

    She told the company what happened and says it offered to pay her back for the first batch of helper -- $149 -- and send her 10 new bags free, but that never happened.

    "Three times I called them. The fourth time, I said, 'The next time, you'll be hearing from Channel 9,'" Eller said.

    Action 9 got in touch with the company, and about a week later, Eller got 10 new bags and her $149 back.

    "I never would have got it without y'all," she said.

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    Action 9: Woman says company never provided refund, new product