• Action 9: Woman says fence was installed outside property line

    By: Don Griffin


    A homeowner said the company she hired to build a fence did not pay attention to her property lines.

    Rhonda Bridges wasn't happy after finding out her backyard fence was installed outside her property line.

    “Yeah, we're not talking 6 inches. We're talking 3 feet,” she said.

    Bridges’ neighbor first discovered it, and a survey confirmed that not only was the side fence over the line, but also a back portion.

    Bridges blames Premier Fence and Deck, the contractor she hired two and a half years ago. She said they told her they would locate the property pins and file paperwork with her HOA.

    “I really felt like it wasn't my error,” Bridges said. “I felt it was their error.”

    After months of complaining, Bridges said the contractor told her and her HOA he would move the fence. That was in July, she said.

    “They never showed,” Bridges said. “They never called.”

    Action 9 called Premier and left messages, and then went to their last known address in Matthews.

    “They moved out of here a year and a half ago,” one man said.

    Action 9 checked with the BBB and found they have 17 unanswered complaint against Premier under three different names.

    Eventually, the company did respond to Action 9’s email and said they promised Bridges they would move the fence on their schedule.

    After Action 9’s contact, workers from Premier removed the fence and installed a new one inside Bridges’ property lines.

    She's happy, but tells others: “Check whoever you're thinking about hiring with the Better Business Bureau.”

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    Action 9: Woman says fence was installed outside property line