• Action 9: Woman says mess was left behind after water meter work

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Orange construction cones are what Gloria Ussery had to look at in her front yard for three weeks since a city contractor started replacing her water meter and then stopped.

    “I don't know what is the problem, why they won't come back,” she said.

    Action 9 pulled back a board covering the meter and found a hole a foot deep filled with water.

    “My concern is somebody, kids in this neighborhood playing around, might get hurt,” Ussery said.

    She complained to CMUD. She said a city worker left a note on her door promising to finish the job but never did. Ussery said she called back six times.

    “I'm just tired of calling them and I just want something done before something happens,” she said.

    Action 9 got in touch with CMUD. A spokesperson said that while doing the work at Ussery’s home, their contractor hit a water line and caused a minor leak. She said it was deemed a non-emergency and given a low priority for repair.

    But one hour after Action 9’s contact, CMUD called Ussery.

    That same day, a CMUD crew repaired the meter and Ussery’s yard.

    She said the crew worked late into the night to finish.

    “I think they did a good job,” Ussery said. “I really do, considering the condition it was in.”

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    Action 9: Woman says mess was left behind after water meter work