• Action 9: Woman surprised by high water bill

    By: Don Griffin


    Michele Margulis is very cautious when it comes to using water at home after her water bill last August hit nearly $1,000 for no apparent reason.

    Margulis was shocked because she said her bill averages just $70.

    She said she watered her lawn, but not that much.  So she complained to CMUD, which sent someone to check the meter.

    “It all looks normal,” Margulis said. “There are no breaks. They did not find any issue on our side.”

    CMUD told her she had no proof she didn't use the water.

    They gave her the option of hiring a plumber to search for leaks, but that would have cost as much as the bill, so her husband paid it.

    “But it didn't sit well with me,” Margulis said. “It was the money, but also the principle.”

    So Action 9 got in touch with CMUD. It investigated and gave Margulis a credit of more than $800 as a one-time leak adjustment.

    “So we are very happy with that,” Margulis said.

    If you have a problem with high water usage, CMUD suggests you get your own water audit kit. You can use it to check dishwashers, washing machines, showers and toilets. For more information, call 311.

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    Action 9: Woman surprised by high water bill