Couple says extended warranty expires while driving to mechanic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Chad Robinson and his wife bought a used Chrysler Aspen.

A few months later, he said his wife "called me from work one day and said it just cut off on her."

He wasn't too worried because they had bought the extended warranty through Member's Choice. They said it cost an extra $3,500, but that they were glad to have the extra protection.

He drove the vehicle to Fort Mill to the dealership where they bought it and asked how much the vehicle would cost to fix.

He said the dealer quoted him $6,400 and assumed Member's Choice would cover it.

Member’s Choice did not take care of the repair.

"Hurt bad," Robinson said.

He didn't realize the warranty only covered the vehicle until it hit 133,294 miles.

He said he went 56 miles over that on the road to the dealership.

Robinson felt it wasn't fair.

"I was like, 'You know what? Something needs to be done,'" he said.

The couple contacted Action 9, which got in touch with Member's Choice.

"Please be aware we will be participating in the repair of the Robinsons' vehicle's engine,” a company representative said.

"I was ecstatic,” Robinson said. “I was on the porch jumping up and down, literally."

Member's Choice didn't say why it changed its mind, which is fine with the Robinsons.

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"Nothing ever normally goes in that direction for people like us, you know what I mean?"  Robinson said.  "It's very nice to see somebody's there to help, and it's also very nice to see that the good Lord answers prayers."

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Advice from Action 9:

  • Know your warranty, especially when it expires. 
  • If you're close to going over that, ask the warranty company how it wants you to handle the situation.  Maybe you have to tow the vehicle and always, if possible, get the answer in writing.

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