• Local family gets $7,800 power bill

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    A Rockwell family got a utility bill for almost $8,000.

    Danielle Randal gets two power bills every month.  One is for her house.  The other is for her well. 

    She said the one for the well usually costs less than $50 per month.  But, then, one came for $7,856.

    "It was crazy, crazy, crazy," she said.

    She told Action 9 she called Duke Energy immediately, but couldn't get the bill lowered. 

    She only had until this Friday to pay it.  She thought her family may not be able to afford to keep living there and turned to Action 9 for help.

    "Channel 9 News.  I didn't know what else to do because I can't pay it," she said.  "My husband's the only one working and that's the only income we have."

    Duke confirmed the bill was a mistake.  The company said it had changed out Randal's meter and keyed the data in wrong.  It's not clear why the utility didn't correct it when Randal complained.  But, either way, it's sending her a revised bill now.

    No matter what utility you're dealing with, if you think your bill is wrong, contact the company right away.  If that doesn't work, email Action 9 at action9@wsoctv.com or call (704) 335-4738.

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