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North Carolina AG says consumers, not utilities should benefit from tax cut

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is demanding that utilities lower people’s bills right away.

The federal government cut the corporate tax 35% to 21%. The way Stein sees it, companies shouldn't get to pocket the extra money. He wants them passing those savings along to customers and said consumers should benefit, not utilities.

(NC Attorney General Josh Stein)

Stein is asking federal energy officials to look into how much gas, electric and oil companies are charging people. He sent energy officials a letter asking for an investigation into utilities' rates.

"I'm asking federal regulators to lower utilities' rates right now," Stein said in a statement.

Stein said he wants energy officials to work quickly and even set a date to refund customers for any overcollection.

This comes at a time when Duke Energy -- the country's largest electric company -- is asking the state permission to charge Charlotte customers 13.6 percent more, partly to clean up its coal ash.

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