North Charlotte couple says roofing issues were putting strain on their relationship

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The roof of Scott Knight's north Charlotte house took a beating last fall.

"A good chunk of the ceiling, probably 2 foot around, fell in, in the bathroom," Knight said.

He hired a roofing company, Restoration Contractors of America.  "Then, shortly after that, it just started going downhill," he said, "We were having trouble getting in touch with the person that was their representative. Then, [we] had to fight with them to get tarps put up. Even the tarps they put up just weren't getting the water out."

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Knight said months passed. "It was causing a lot of strain between me and my wife because we'd argue about it a lot," he said.

Knight's wife filed a police report, and he contacted Action 9.

"I've seen some of the Channel 9 investigates stuff you guys have done on TV and, well, it can't hurt to at least send an email," he told Action 9's Jason Stoogenke.

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Action 9 contacted Restoration Contractors of America. The company emailed back, "This complaint and inquiry was the first we had heard that there was an issue."  It said it was waiting for Knight to pay his deductible.  Knight said he didn't want to pay too much money upfront.  Either way, once Action 9 got involved, the contractor gave the Knights a full refund, even though legally, the company said it didn't have to.

"The same day he got the email from you was the day he called me," Knight told Stoogenke.

If you have roof damage:

  • Research the company.
  • Get everything in writing (for example, when the work will start, when it will finish, and how much money you owe when).
  • Beware, some companies will offer to "waive" your deductible.  That would be insurance fraud.

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