Woman says new TV looked like 'ink had spilled in it'

Woman says new TV looked like 'ink had spilled in it'

Laura Yates got a new 50-inch Samsung TV.

She didn't have room for it yet, so she kept it in the box for months. Finally, she was ready to hang it up.

"And I put it up, and it looked like ink had spilled in it," Yates told Action 9's Jason Stoogenke.  "The picture itself looked like somebody just poured something through it and it was running down."

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Yates said she called Samsung, but the company told her the TV wasn't under warranty anymore.

"And I tried and I tried and the last time I talked to Samsung," she said, "I told them, 'I'm calling Action 9 news.'"

Action 9 emailed Samsung. The company didn't say what the problem was or why it took Action 9 getting involved to resolve it, but Yates said the company did replace the TV.

"I felt like Action [9] was the best thing since peanut butter and jelly," Yates said.

As soon as you get something, open it. Make sure it's right. It's not always practical to do that, but you should really try to take a look before too much time goes by. Always remember: The warranty starts ticking the minute you buy something, not when you take it out of the box.