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Attorney general wants company to pay for role in robocalls in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE — North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is suing Atricul8, a company that allegedly facilitates illegal scam calls.

Stein says the company acted as a middleman and allowed domestic and international scammers to route scam calls to millions of people on the U.S. phone network.

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He says that impacted thousands of North Carolinians, including some people who got 50 to 200 calls in one day.

Stein claims many calls involved multiple scams.


“Those robocallers couldn’t reach our telephone if they did not have some telephone company that was allowing all of that traffic to turn on their network,” Stein said. “And that is what we allege that Articul8 has done.”

Stein wants Articul8 to pay $5,000 per violation, and he claims the company committed tens of millions of violations.

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