Filing your taxes: Many still wonder where second stimulus check is

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Almost all of the Channel 9 viewers who contacted Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke recently because they haven’t received their second stimulus payment said the IRS website showed their check was mailed on Jan. 6.

They went to and checked the “Get My Payment” tool.

“It’s very stressful not knowing what happened to it,” Jena Pettigrew told Stoogenke.

ax season started Feb. 12, and you can request the money when you file your return. Ask for a “Recovery Rebate Credit” on your 1040 form. Stoogenke said the sooner you do your taxes, the sooner you can get that money.

Individuals are eligible if they did not make more than $75,000. The cap for married couples is $150,00. Those who are an adult dependent are not eligible.