Neighbors accuse town of staying on sidelines in stormwater issue

Neighbors accuse town of staying on sidelines in stormwater issue

STALLINGS, N.C. — People in the Vickery subdivision in Stallings say the developer, Bonterra, messed up.

They claim they’re now stuck with major drainage issues. They’re worried about flooding, property values and having to pay for repairs out of their own pockets.

Chris Ball showed Action 9's Jason Stoogenke around.

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Ball said he's one of the original owners and has been in the construction industry for 40 years.

He and other neighbors say Bonterra had a stormwater plan for the neighborhood, but didn't follow it, so stormwater pools.

“You don’t want your kids out here,” Ball said. “The people have referred to it as a Noah’s Ark event.”

Bonterra was bought out by another company, but neighbors have another solution: the Town of Stallings.

They say there's a performance bond, basically an insurance policy.

If the work isn’t done right, the town can cash it in. In this case, the town would allegedly get $690,000 to fix the problem. But residents say the town isn’t doing that.

"It’s just stonewalled and that’s absurd because they’re representing us, they’re supposed to represent us,” Ball told Stoogenke. “We have town representatives who have the ability, have the authority, have the means and the mechanisms to do it, but it’s like running into a brick wall.”

Some of his neighbors even hired a lawyer who sent the town a letter demanding action.

As for the other side, Stoogenke exchanged emails with Town Manager Alex Sewell. “The Town of Stallings continues to work with Vickery residents, the engineer of record, and the builder to bring Vickery’s infrastructure into compliance with the engineered plans submitted to the Town. The Town has been engaged with all parties to communicate the actions needed to ensure compliance. On 01/09/2020, the Stallings Stormwater Committee, comprised of Council members and fellow citizens, met to formally continue communicating to Vickery residents, and hear concerns. The Town anticipates finalizing a new corrective action list by next week and will communicate those required corrective actions with the Vickery residents,” Sewell said.

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