• Adoptive mother of Erica Parsons tells about investigation, missing teen


    ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. - There are new details on Tuesday night on the police investigation into the disappearance of Erica Parsons.

    Her adoptive mother allowed Eyewitness News cameras into her home where she talked about the investigation into the missing teenager.

    "This is Erica's and Brook's room," said Casey Parsons.

    Casey showed Eyewitness News one of the two bedrooms Erica lived in before her disappearance in December 2011.

    The home is mostly empty now, with the exception of a few cots and a blow-up bed.

    "The only thing they did in here was lift up the rugs," said Casey.

    Parsons showed us two closets and another bedroom where she says police spent hours looking for evidence in Erica's disappearance after she says allegations surfaced that the couple had locked the 13-year-old in one of the closets.

    "They're looking in the wrong direction. They need to look at her father's side and Carolyn's side," said Casey.

    Police first started looking for Erica almost two months ago, after her brother reported her missing... even though she hadn't been seen -- in nearly two years.

    Parsons said she and her husband Sandy continue to look for Erica even returning to the McDonalds in Mooresville where they say they let her go with a woman called Nan a person they thought was her biological grandmother.

    "We look for her every day. Still try to figure out who the woman that called herself Nan is. We look every single day, " said Casey.

    The Parsons said they wanted to move out after receiving death threats, having two break-ins to the home and even people throwing beer bottles into their yard.

    But they said they don't want to abandon the house they worked for years to fix up.

    Parsons believes her adoptive daughter is still alive and believes she will be found soon.

    "She's 16 years old and I think she'll be here and come home. I think it is just time for her not to be scared," said Casey.

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