• Attempted Sex Assaults In East Charlotte May Be Connected

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    CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None - A woman walking home to her east Charlotte apartment was approached by a man with a gun who demanded more than just cash earlier this week.

    The next night, the very same thing happened to a different woman, and police think the same man may be responsible for both crimes.

    "When we have incidents that are similar in nature, the first question we tend to ask ourselves, is, ‘Could these be related?'" said Sgt. Tim Maciejewski.

    The incidents happened less than a mile apart near the intersection of Milton Road and Harris Boulevard.

    Tuesday night, a woman was walking into the Hamilton Square apartments just after 10 p.m. when a man pulled a gun on her and asked for money.

    She gave him $23, but then he made another request. He tried to take her to another location and asked her to perform oral sex.

    She ran off before that could happen.

    Just after midnight Thursday on Milton Road, another woman walking home was also accosted by a man who asked for money and sexual favors.

    She also ran away.

    Immediately after the second incident, police increased their patrols near where both crimes were committed.

    Maciejewski said that at night they now have an officer specifically assigned to the locations where the attacks happened.

    The increased patrols and police presence soothe some fears of people living nearby.

    "I walk around (the area) a lot. I go to the pizza place, the grocery store. We all do," said Delores Mitchell, who lives at the apartment complex.

    But she said she hasn't had any problems in two years there.

    Police also checked into registered sex offenders living in the area along with report records over the last few months to see if any other crimes match the description.

    So far they have no solid leads.

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    Attempted Sex Assaults In East Charlotte May Be Connected

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