• Authorities: Dealers using postal service to ship drugs cross-country

    By: Tina Terry


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Channel 9 uncovered a number of cases involving drug dealers using the postal service to transport drugs across the country.
    Authorities said a woman used the U.S. Postal service to ship a dangerous form of meth to Rowan County.
    Detectives have seen more cases where illegal drugs are shipped through the mail. It’s a trick drug dealers are using to keep the drugs from being tied back to them.
    Three women are suspects in some of the latest cases. Detectives said Melanie Pruitt and her boyfriend were arrested.
    Pruitt was accused of shipping a powerful form of meth from California to Salisbury.
    “It is a pattern that we've seen more and more in the last few years that they're doing this,” Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Detective David Ramsey said.
    Ramsey said his office has worked at least 10 of the cases in the past year.
    “You don't risk the transportation going across the country and being stopped with contraband,” Ramsey said.
    In the Pruitt case, the drugs were mailed to an address on the Catawba College campus, where her boyfriend worked. They are accused of selling drugs to undercover officers at the same address.
    Detectives said in another case, Sarah Plyler and her daughter, Alishia, used U.S. Priority Mail to ship $22,000 in marijuana from Texas to China Grove.
    In other cases, detectives said dealers use the addresses of unsuspecting homeowners.
    “The packages would be placed on the front stoops of the houses and these people would be waiting in vehicles nearby and watch for the deliveries to be made and they'd come behind postal or United Postal or Federal Express employees pick them up and take them to another site,” Ramsey said.

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