• Board Begins Hearing Property Tax Revaluation Appeals

    MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C.,None - Twenty down and 3,600 to go.

    That's the task facing Mecklenburg County's Board of Adjustment after its first session Tuesday hearing appeals of property tax revaluations.

    Most of the appeals are from people who say the county overestimated the values of their homes, leading to higher property taxes.

    "The tax record they sent me is much too high," said Margaret Gulledge, who came to the board with a realtor who helped her argue that her valuation should be lower.

    "We make the values what they should be," said Jim Barnett, chairman of the all-volunteer board.

    The first day of appeals, he said, was pretty typical, with the board giving some of the homeowners what they were asking for.

    "We listen to a lot. Today we probably changed five out of 24 or (25), that's 20 percent," Barnett said.

    One of the people who got an adjustment was Kenneth Canady. He appealed the valuation that had his home in the Highland Creek subdivision set at $209,000.

    "We didn't think that was in keeping with what the values of the properties around us were," Canady said.

    The board made an adjustment in his case, lowering his home's tax value by $2,300. Canady was glad he took the time to appeal.

    "If you don't get involved in the process, you don't have reason to complain, so yeah, I'm very glad I came," he said.

    More Information: Mecklenburg County 2011 Revaluation

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