• Dozens of homeowners showed up at Monday's tax revaluation meeting


    MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. - People upset about last year's tax revaluation can tell the outside appraiser.

    The group Mecklenburg County hired to review the process, Pearson's Appraisal, held its first of six meetings Monday night in Matthews. Dozens attended, upset about the revaluation process.

    One homeowner, Linda Holton, said the county gave her a lot of excuses when she challenged the new value.

    "They say it's a jurisdictional thing. They say it's a historical thing, a political thing," Holton said.

    However, Pearson's made it clear that it wasn't hired to correct what went wrong; it was hired to make suggestions for the next revaluation years from now.

    "Please understand, this will not rescind the 2011 re-appraisal," said Emmett Curl, a representative from Pearson's.

    Some homeowners are upset that the county is spending about $250,000 on Pearson's and that it isn't intended to impact the revaluation that was just done.

    "There's no reason to do this if you're not going to make any changes," said a homeowner. "It's not about my personal appeal. It's about what's right and what's fair."

    Pearson's expects to complete its report around Thanksgiving.

    Next scheduled meetings:

    • Thursday, Aug. 2 – Beatties Ford Road library branch
    • Monday, Aug. 6 – Government Center uptown
    • Tuesday, Aug. 7 – Senior Center on Tyvola Road
    • Thursday, Aug. 9 – First Baptist West Chapel in west Charlotte

     All meetings run from 7 – 9 p.m.

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    Dozens of homeowners showed up at Monday's tax revaluation meeting