• Employees at a local golf club say they have not be paid in weeks

    By: Holly Maynard


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Frustrated employees at a local golf course contacted Channel 9 because they said they have not been paid for several weeks.

    Six employees didn't show up for work at Highland Creek Golf Club on Tuesday because they said they were fed up.

    They asked Eyewitness News not to use their names but one said, "These employees, they need their money and they need it right now." Another said, " Why show up when I'm not being paid? It's kind of frustrating. Getting old now."

    Some said they waited four or six weeks to be paid. One employee showed Eyewitness News reporter, Holly Maynard, his most recent pay stub which was for work done in the middle of June. Employees said their paychecks have been late several times in the last year. " I'm paying late fees for rent because they don't pay us on time at all," said one.

    And that's not the only problem. They said the water and power has also been shut off. "Water has been shut off several times where we've had actually no water in the maintenance shop whatsoever," said one employee.

    The Carolina Trail runs this and six other golf courses in the Charlotte area. In May, we showed you trash that piled up at the Birkdale Golf Club. Management told us then they missed a payment to the trash company. Employees say there have been similar problems at other courses as well.

    Eric Sims, who oversees the seven courses for The Carolina Trail, sent us this statement: "Like many others, our business and industry has been struggling since the economic collapse in 2008. Most of our clubs were refinanced recently and are now under different ownership. While there are still some residual effects, this issue is close to being resolved. Our employees are our single greatest asset, and we are committed to paying them in a timely manner."

    Regarding the claims about water and power being shut off, he said, "Each club has multiple electric and water meters. While there may be a case of an isolated water or electric meter that has been shut off for a period of time, the water and electric has never been shut off to the clubhouse or golf course."

    Workers said they can't take the instability much longer. "Pretty soon the plug's got to get pulled and we've got to move on," he said.

    Just hours after Eyewitness News left the golf course, employees said they received a text message saying they would be paid that evening.

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