• Family Focus: Parent class helps kids, parents make better choices

    By: Erica Bryant


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Aimee Tomlinson talks openly about raising 16-year-old Emily.

    "My daughter was making bad choices. The last straw was underage drinking," Tomlinson said. "I was always the parent to yell and scream at her and it just wasn't working, so I needed to find a different alternative."

    So, Tomlinson signed up for Love and Logic. The free parenting classes help parents guide children transitioning into young adults.

    "To educate our children how to make healthy and effective choices, not only while they are under their parents' care, but so they can be successful once they leave home," said instructor Diana Levitt.

    Levitt said she teaches nine easy skills like delayed consequences and giving teens choices within limits. It's different from some common tactics like grounding children or taking away cellphones.

    "That's not how the real world operates," Levitt said. "If I don't show up for work, my boss isn't going to take my phone away from me, so we really need to teach them, 'If I do A then B is going to happen.'"

    Tomlinson said she's already trying the new skills and seeing results.

    "Before the class, we would fight, fight all the time," she said. "Now, with the class, there is time to separate and disengage and come back and talk about it."

    Tomlinson said her daughter is making better choices.

    Emily's noticed a difference too.

    "Usually when something bad would happen she would scream and yell at me and now it's like we sit and talk it out and if it gets into a bigger argument we go our separate ways and come back and it ends up way better," she said.

    For more information on the parenting classes, click here.

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    Family Focus: Parent class helps kids, parents make better choices

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