• Family Focus: Postal collection day helps get school supplies to children

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    Teacher Trina Potter is getting her 6th-grade classroom ready, and that means gathering lots and lots of school supplies.

    “It's amazing how fast they go through pencils, and I guess we make them work a lot, because they go through them a lot,” Potter said.

    With almost all of the students at Ashley Park receiving free and reduced lunches, Potter said only 20 percent of her students have even the basic school supplies.

    “It is stressful when you're in the classroom and you see that students don't have things, because they do feel bad. They want to be prepared, and they want to learn,” Potter said.

    Potter and many of her fellow teachers use their own money to buy supplies.

    “I would say an average of probably 500 a year, maybe more,” Potter said.

    So for Potter, it's a big relief when Channel 9's School Tools campaign kicks off.

    “They do look to us to supply those supplies for them, and depend on us being there for them,” Potter said.

    One big way all this gets into the hands of students is through the U.S. Postal Service.

    Letter carrier Faye Anthony has been picking up school supplies from doorsteps for more than 10 years.

    “When I see people actually just giving abundantly, and even giving just a little that they have, it makes a difference,” Anthony said.

    Anthony said the postal collection day on Aug. 18 is an exciting day. She hoped everyone on her route around North Tryon and Graham streets would help out.

    “Whether it be two packs of notebook paper, whatever you can do, we will ever be so grateful,” Anthony said.

    And for Potter, every little bit counts for the kids who need it.

    “We want them to succeed, and I would hate for them not to succeed just because they didn't have the supplies that they needed,” Potter said.

    For more information about postal collection day, click here.

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