• Famous wing from ‘Miracle On Hudson' plane arrives in Charlotte

    CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None - The battered wing that terrified passengers stood on minutes after US Air Flight 1549 splashed into the Hudson River arrived at the Carolinas Aviation Museum Thursday.

    The plane is being hauled in sections from New Jersey to the museum. "Any damage that occurred during transportation will be repaired. Any damage that happened in the accident will stay," said museum spokesman Shawn Dorsche.

    RAW: Wing from 'Miracle On Hudson' plane makes its way to Charlotte

    The plane is attracting thousands of visitors to the museum. Officials said attendance has quadrupled. "It's overwhelming. It's a wow moment. I can understand why the pilot was deemed a hero," Dorsche said.

    Flight 1549 left Laguardia airport for Charlotte in January of 2009. On its initial climb it flew into a flock of geese.

    Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger took control and glided the plane to a safe landing. The spectacular landing was dubbed the "Miracle on the Hudson."

    Workers are expect to reassemble the plane by the end of the year.

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