• Hospital Gives Updates On Graham's Condition


    ASHEVILLE, N.C.,None - May 12 Afternoon Update From Hospital

    Evangelist Billy Graham's staff and family have asked us to give you a brief update on his progress today here at Mission Hospital in Asheville.

    Following his rounds this afternoon, pulmonologist Shaw C. Henderson, MD, confirmed that Mr. Graham's temperature remains normal and that his congestion is clearing in response to antibiotic treatment. Mr. Graham remains in good spirits and continues to make progress during his stay. He resumed a normal routine today, getting up for all of his meals, and completing a light therapy program.

    Mr. Graham's staff also noted that his pastor, Dr. Don Wilton, visited Mr. Graham in his room this morning for their weekly time of Bible study and prayer together.


    May 12 Morning Update From Hospital

    Evangelist Billy Graham, who is hospitalized at Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C., near his home in Montreat, had a comfortable night and was able to sleep well, his nurses reported today. Mr. Graham is listed in fair condition.

    Mr. Graham's pulmonologist, Shaw C. Henderson, MD, confirmed this morning that he does have pneumonia, as indicated by initial tests, and that his temperature is normal. Dr. Henderson said that Mr. Graham is doing well and is being encouraged to resume his normal activities, including his ongoing program of physical therapy. No discharge date has been set.

    During his stay, Mr. Graham has engaged in watching television and joking with hospital staff. He was visited last evening by his eldest daughter, Gigi, and met this morning with his pastor, Dr. Don Wilton.

    Through his spokesperson, A. Larry Ross, Mr. Graham expressed his appreciation for the media interest in his condition and his gratitude for the outpouring of love, concern and prayers of so many individuals across the country.


    May 11 Update From Hospital

    Evangelist Billy Graham was admitted today to Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C., a short distance from his home in Montreat, N.C., for observation and pulmonary treatment.

    The 92 year-old evangelist arrived at Mission Hospital this morning for medical assessment, following a health episode overnight. Initial testing suggested pneumonia, and further diagnostic studies showed his heart was normal.

    "Appropriate antibiotics are being administered, and he is clinically stable at this time," pulmonologist Shaw C. Henderson, MD said early Wednesday afternoon.

    Though no date has been set for his release, Mr. Graham's primary physician confirmed his condition with a positive report. "He is resting comfortably and is fully alert," said Lucian Rice, MD.

    "Mr. Graham has great confidence in the Mission Hospital medical team, and is already feeling much better since his arrival this morning," said A. Larry Ross, spokesperson for Mr. Graham. "We anticipate his pneumonia to clear with treatment and hope he will be able to soon return home."

    According to Ross, Mr. Graham has remained in good overall health with a strong heart and a clear mind, though age-related conditions - such as macular degeneration and hearing loss - have kept him mostly at home in recent years. But he continues to be involved in writing projects, including completing a manuscript for a new book on aging, based on his personal experience, and the necessary emotional and spiritual preparation for what he has found to be the most fulfilling years of life.

    Ross added that the evangelist also spends time each morning and evening in Bible study and prayer with family and staff; receives personal visits from close friends; keeps informed of the ongoing ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) under the leadership of his son, Franklin; and stays abreast of current events through nightly local and network television newscasts and cable programs.

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    Hospital Gives Updates On Graham's Condition