• It's Finally Walk Weekend!


    Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m a member of Team 9/64 walking in the 2013 Charlotte Avon Walk for Breast Cancer THIS WEEKEND!

    When we started this journey back in March, I must admit the fundraising and the length of the walk were such daunting prospects.  Both had been the reasons for me not signing up to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in years past.  While it is such a worthwhile cause and one I have always been a supporter of, I couldn’t quite bring myself to commit to being such a big part of it.  

    Now looking back, with the walk only 5 days away, I couldn’t be happier that I made the commitment to participate.  This journey has been so fulfilling for me for so many reasons; I would recommend it to anyone!

    There has been so much camaraderie among the members of our team.  It’s truly been such a team effort and has given us something to strive towards as a group.  It has brought many of us closer together and I wouldn’t trade our training walks, group meetings and sharing of fears (“how are we going to walk almost 40 miles!?!?!”) for anything.  These women & men have been such an inspiration to me and I am grateful for them and honored to walk with them this weekend!

    The fundraising was a challenge, but I have so many generous people in my life that I made it to (and beyond!) the goal of $1800 much faster than I anticipated.  One of the great things about the fundraising is that, in asking for donations, you connect with people who have been affected by breast cancer.  They’ve shared their stories with me, shared a few tears and thanked me for supporting a cause that is so near and dear to them. 

    I want to shout THANK YOU! from the rooftops for everyone who has supported me in this effort and let you know how much you mean to me.  Whether you donated to my fundraising, thanked me for my commitment, shared my blogs or Facebook page with your friends & family or congratulated me on such an amazing accomplishment, I THANK YOU for your unwavering support.

    I hope to see you somewhere along the route this Saturday or Sunday, cheering Team 9/64 and ALL of the walkers in this great event.  If you would like to donate, there is still time!  Click here to donate online now – every dollar matters!