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BIRTH CITY: Greensboro, North Carolina POSITION: Quarterback SIBLINGS: Brother, Matthew Worley BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE: My height FAVORITE MOVIE: The Pursuit of Happiness MOST PLAYED IPOD SONG: Everything I Am by Kanye West SHOW I DVR OR TIVO: The Office FAVORITE WEBSITE: www.espn.com WORST HABIT: Procrastination WISHED FOR TALENT: Being able to play the guitar MOST ANNOYED BY: People asking me where I'm going to college BUCKET LIST THREE: Go to the World Cup, Win a football championship, Play golf at St. Andrews in Scotland FAVORITE MEAL: Filet mignon with twice baked potatoes MOST EMBARRASSING DURING GAME: Running over a referee against Clover last year DESERT ISLAND THREE: Food, my iPod, and a good book FAVORITE PRO TEAMS: NFL- Carolina Panthers, MLB- Atlanta Braves, NBA- Boston Celtics, GREATEST FIELD MOMENT: Beating South Pointe to advance to the State Championship GUILTY PLEASURE: Eating oreos with milk late at night CELEBRITY CRUSH: Megan Fox DINNER THREE: Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, and Will Ferrell FRIENDS SURPRISED TO KNOW: That I can play the piano NEXT RISK: Playing college football TWITTER OR FACEBOOK: Neither