'A miracle baby': Local couple gives birth to first child on New Year's Day

'A miracle baby': Local couple gives birth to first child on New Year's Day

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As revelers were clinking glasses and cheering in the New Year at midnight, one local family was celebrating in a much different way.

On January 1, Channel 9 got to meet Atrium Health's first baby of 2019 and her parents said their little girl is a miracle.

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"We just waited, patiently. When she was ready, she would come," the baby's parents said.

Kennedi Honesty Davis was born at 12:41 a.m. on New Year's Day, Atrium Health's first baby of 2019.

Kennedi's parents said they originally thought their first child would come around Christmas.

"Here we are, she's pushing and watching the ball drop, like I never expected my New Year's Eve to be like that and wait, in the middle of pushing somebody was like, well you're the only two that can kiss, and then we stopped and kissed too. It was a great, great feeling," Kenny Davis said.

But, Kennedi is not just a New Year's baby -- Kenny and Ranisha Davis said Kennedi is their little miracle.

Ranisha said she was originally told she could not have children.

"Talking to you guys, I could cry because you know we just wanted to make sure we had a healthy baby, that was first and foremost, especially think we couldn't have one, so very special," the baby's parents said. "For us, this is a miracle baby and just how special that she was born the first of the year."

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