'Be Niner Ready': UNCC unveils new safety measures after deadly shooting

'Be Niner Ready': UNCC unveils new safety measures after deadly shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — From lockdown kits to posters and new security rules, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is unveiling all kinds of changes meant to protect its students.

Students told Channel 9 they like the new safety protocol, even though the idea of needing new security measures worries them.

"We always need more safety on campus, but then it brings into account, do I even feel safe at this school because we have so many safety things that are going on," UNCC student Naomi Carpenter said.

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The new procedures are outlined in a video explaining what to do in the event of a shooter on campus.

The video also coins a slogan for preparedness on campus, "Be Niner Ready."

Many of these new measures are a direct result of the deadly shooting on the last day of classes last April when a former student entered a classroom, then unexpectedly gunned down two students and injured four others.

The new measures announced today include lockdown kits in every classroom, items to jam doors and keep them from opening to an outside threat.

There will also be posters in each classroom.

School officials want students to be well versed in the procedures.

"People that are trained and prepared for it perform very well because they have training to rely on," Associate Vice Chancellor for Safety & Security John Bogdan said.

Starting Dec. 2, everyone at the Center City campus will have to wear badges, and there will still be more reviews of the safety plan.