'Give me everything': Masked thieves caught on video during terrifying robbery

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police are looking for the two culprits caught on video during a frightening and violent robbery Wednesday afternoon at a Boost Mobile store on Rosehaven Drive in east Charlotte.

The store provided Channel 9 surveillance video in which two suspects, dressed in black from head to toe, walk up and into the business.

Both robbers wore masks.

A woman was sitting behind the counter working when the pair rushed into the store and jumped over the counter, and one pulled out a gun.

Past coverage of cellphone shop robberies: 

In another angle, the pair can be seen pushing the employees into a back room and forcing them to load a cardboard box with stolen cellphones.

"Give me everything! Give me everything!" one of them yells.

One worker had to be treated for minor injuries.

Police said no arrests have been made.

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Channel 9 has covered a series of robberies at Boost Mobile stores, including two in the past few weeks on Albemarle Road.

Detectives are working to determine whether there's a connection.