• 'It's getting no better': Local group urges city to unite amid growing homicide numbers

    By: Glenn Counts


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Charlotte community is frustrated with the fast growing number of homicides -- more than 80 people have lost their lives so far this year. 

    Eighty-eight people have died in our city this year, which is the most since 1995. The most recent was Sunday at a Bojangles' in South End. 

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    A local homicide support group trying to help our community move forward says we have to do something to stop this. 

    "It's really bad and it don't look like it's getting no better," Deloris Beattie said. 

    "We as a community need to come together and band together and get back to policing our communities," Will Adams from Team True Blue said. 

    Watch the video above as Channel 9's veteran crime reporter Glenn Counts sits down with several victims' mothers, who say enough is enough. 

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