• 'It starts with leadership': Leaders discuss gender equality in NBA at All-Star panel


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Throughout NBA All-Star Weekend, there has been a constant conversation about gender equality. 

    An organization called The Female Quotient held its first ever "Equality Lounge" at an NBA All-Star Game with panel discussions featuring men and women in positions of power and leadership. 

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    The CEO of the Dallas Mavericks Cynt Marshall spoke Sunday about how men and women can support each other. 

    Marshall told Channel 9 the NBA has made strides in gender equality and it's all thanks to one thing, Commissioner Adam Silver. 

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    "It starts with leadership and when you look at Commissioner Adam Silver and his team and what they are doing around diversity and inclusion, they are setting a very high bar I think for the other leagues to follow," Marshall said. 


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    Various panels have been held across uptown Charlotte since Friday afternoon. Topics have included how sports empower women, women in leadership, the influence of women in sports, and more. 

    The organizer and CEO Shelley Zalis said change comes from these conversations. 

    "I think that equality is a choice and unconscious bias is an excuse. So, what I'm seeing especially in the NBA is a commitment, a conscious commitment to evolution," Zalis said. 

    Organizers said it was important to have these conversations during All-Star Weekend because we see more men in professional sports. 

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