'Might as well be in New York City': Neighbors worry about new development on Providence Road

'Might as well be in New York City': Neighbors worry about new development on Providence Road

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Hundreds of new apartments and dozens of new townhomes are now planned along one of southeast Charlotte's busiest roads.

The huge development would take shape on Providence Road between Lynbridge Lane and Old Providence Road.

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Neighbors are worried about the added traffic that would bring and the density of the project.

Ed Driggs represents the area and he told Channel 9 it's a unique situation because all the people who own homes in the area are selling their houses together.

That  has opened up more than 20 acres of land for the massive development.

“People need a place to live and this is a prime area," said neighbor Fisk Outwater.

Outwater has lived in the area for 45 years. He's seen a lot of change since the 70s and now, he's getting ready to see even more.

The city says the new proposal by Profit Dixon Partners would add 200 apartments and 80 townhomes on the west side of Providence Road near the intersection of Rea Road.

The area is already booming, so neighbors worry it will be a bust for the roads.

“The new traffic is just overwhelming. You might as well be in New York City,” said neighbor Ron Green.

Neighbor Mary Kate Watkins said, "I am worried about the traffic, especially with all the construction here but I don’t want to judge it too early.”

City planners tell Channel 9 the developer is checking to see if an engineer can add a stop light.

Neighbors say it's the most dense project the area has seen since the 1990s.

They worry it could pave the way for even bigger developments.

City councilman Ed Driggs is going to a community meeting on Thursday night to listen to neighbors' concerns.

“I look at it right now, I see high density, I know the sensitivity about traffic on Providence Road, those are issues for me,” Driggs said.

Driggs said the size of the project can still be negotiated.

He also thinks the city needs to consider what else could be built on the property.

Still, some think the developer has a done deal.

Green said, “Nobody has stopped anything like this yet.”

City planners say once the developer is finished with community meetings and public hearings the city will consider approving the project.

Channel 9 is told that could happen as early as March.

Thursday's community meeting will be at 6 p.m. at Matthews-Murkland Presbyterian Church.

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