• HEARTWARMING: NC community raises money for beloved recycling man


    FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. - When a North Carolina neighborhood's beloved recycling driver's car broke down, the community, led by a toddler's mother, came together to raise money for the toddler's best friend, according to our affiliate WTVD

    "We are learning so much about Brock's best friend, Mr. Aaron. We only get a small glimpse of him each week as he does recycling, but he truly is that nice guy we know and love," mother Mallory Oosterhouse said. 

    Aaron Christian is a Marine veteran, recycling driver, husband, and father of four in Funquay-Varina, North Carolina. 

    Christian also overcame homelessness. 

    Recently, his family car broke down, making it hard to get his children to school and to work, which starts before sunrise.  

    So, the toddler's mother Oosterhouse took to Facebook to raise money for Christian. 

    People from around the country donated money to the cause and raised $5,275. In addition, area businesses donated gift cards to restaurants. Another $250 was donated for Christmas gifts for Christian's children. 

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    "It doesn't matter if it was $5, $7 to $250 donation. When people join forces for the good, you can changes lives," Oosterhouse said. 

    "I'll be telling this to my grandkids. I'll be telling this to my church," Christian said. "When you're down to your lowest, He'll send someone that you don't know." 

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    Additionally, while a local mechanic is fixing Christian's car for free, someone else in the neighborhood gave a car to the family. 

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