Police: Shooting at west Charlotte apartment complex may be self defense

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A man was shot Friday evening on the porch at a west Charlotte apartment complex, police said.

He was found inside the Southside Homes apartments on Fairwood Avenue with multiple gunshot wounds, police told Channel 9.

The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Police said the shooter was found at a nearby business on Remount Road after calling 911. The shooter was taken into custody without incident and the weapon has been retrieved.

Police initially said the victim and shooter know each other. However, after interviewing witnesses, officers determined they don't know each other.

"You just have to know what's going on with that individual, first of all, to know they would lash out like that towards somebody else,” said Pastor Raylinda Pegues, the pastor at Favor of God Christian Ministries.

Pegues, who leads a church near Fairwood Avenue, said the community surrounding her is improving, but more could be done.

"I think we can get even more better with the police department partnering with the churches in each community and holding community meetings with the church because we are here to help the community,” Pegues said.

Malcolm Scharps said the shooting happened less than half a mile away from his barbershop.

“I seen the police and the news camera. I was wondering what was going,” said Scharps, owner of My-T Sharps barbershop.

Police said there’s a lot more to the shooting investigation, and the district attorney will now look into it.

The shooter isn’t yet facing charges, because his actions may have been self-defense.

“It's just so unfortunate this time of year,” Scharps said. “You just don't know what to think anymore."

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