10 interesting North Carolina laws go into effect Tuesday

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina will have 30 new laws that go into effect Tuesday.

One of those laws will have a much harsher punishment for anyone convicted of sharing revenge porn.

It will now be a felony to post nude photos or videos without the person's consent if the post is meant to harass or extort the victim.

It also lets people sue the person who posted it for damages.

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Here is a list of some other laws that will go into effect.

  • It will be a criminal offense to provide a cellphone to a delinquent juvenile in custody of the Department of Public Safety.
  • A state correctional officer will be able to carry a concealed weapon when off duty.
  • It will be a felony to assault a member of the North Carolina National Guard who is discharging or attempting to discharge official duties.
  • There will be more penalties for the illegal operation of amusement devices.
  • The Department of Labor will study the regulation of the operation of zip-lines.
  • It will now be a felony to assault hospital personnel and licensed health care providers who are providing or attempting to provide services in a hospital.
  • There will be an automatic expunction of certain records of a person when the charge or charges against that person are dismissed as a result of identity theft or mistaken identity.
  • A person can be charged with cyberstalking if that person knowingly installs or places a tracking device without consent.
  • The State Bureau of Investigation will establish and implement a used needle and hypodermic syringe disposal pilot.

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