3 card skimmers discovered at south Charlotte gas station

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An employee at the 7-Eleven on Park Road in south Charlotte reported to police that there were three card-skimming devices on the pumps.

Skimmers fit into gas station card readers and collect credit card information and PINs from unsuspecting users. The data-stealing devices may be difficult to detect. You can shake the card-swiper before you use it. If it's loose, be suspicious.

Customer Hannah Dunlap is now taking extra time at the pump.

Dunlap told reporter Stephanie Tinoco her debit card information was compromised just last week at another gas station in the area.

"They took well over $100," Dunlap said. "It was really sad because, I mean, I'm a young student. I do work for my money. My parents don't just hand me money when I need it. So, having them take something I worked really hard for is really sad."

Channel 9 is working to find out how many, if any, have been impacted by the three skimmers found at the 7-Eleven on Park Road.

According to Bankrate, credit card skimming has become a worldwide problem. Card losses due to skimming exceed $1 billion a year.