3 people reportedly sickened after workplace event in Huntersville

3 people reportedly sickened after workplace event in Huntersville; investigation underway

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Huntersville police said they’re investigating after several people reportedly became ill after a workplace gathering.

A viewer told Channel 9 that Panera Bread catered the event at American Tire Distributors in Huntersville, and some people started feeling sick after eating brownies.

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Emergency workers said they took three people to the hospital. The viewer told Channel 9 doctors found high levels of THC in their systems, which is the active ingredient in pot.

Police said they responded with MEDIC, but they don’t know where the food came from or if it was tainted with pot.

They said they plan to test the food, and they’re looking into whether it came from Panera Bread or someplace else.

Panera Bread’s corporate office sent a statement saying, “We are diligently investigating this situation and will take appropriate action once we know all the facts surrounding this incident."