Boil water advisory for Chester Co. lifted week after water main break

Boil water advisory from water main break could last into Thursday

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. — A 30-inch water main break that caused the Chester County Schools district to close last Tuesday caused problems for much longer than first expected.

The water main break happened last Monday along Highway 9 in Fort Lawn and a boil water advisory was issued.

That advisory was finally lifted Monday morning.

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Crews had been working for days to fix the pipe while more than 7,000 people had to boil their water.

Utility officials said the boil advisory remained in effect until the second set of bacteria samples were confirmed passing. That happened Monday morning.

According to officials, the first set of samples were passing, but the state requires two sets of passing samples. Authorities said the water shows no sign of contamination.

"We're gonna have to really buy jugs because we got to shower," resident Brendevia Simpson said. "We got to wash clothes. We got to cook."

Officials initially said the repairs were completed on the 30-year-old valve, but the clamp they put on the busted line did not hold, so they had to wait on a part for the water main.

Authorities asked residents to conserve water as they worked to make the repairs.

Officials said customers may see discolored water once the water main is fixed and are advised to contact the Chester Metropolitan District office at 803-385-5123.

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