34 snakes found in house of NC man bitten by king cobra

A Chapel Hill man is in critical condition in the intensive care unit after he was bitten by his pet king cobra.

Channel 9 learned Wednesday that doctors flew in antivenom from the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina.

Orange County Animal Services removed 34 snakes from the man's home on Wednesday.

Eighteen of the snakes were venomous. A county ordinance prohibits residents from keeping venomous snakes.

"They were all confined in containers in the room that is sometimes referred to as a snake room," Orange County Animal Services Director Bob Marotto said.

Channel 9 learned that officials found 60 animals in all, including turtles, chickens and quail. It took six hours to get them all out.

The man's constrictor snakes will be held at the state zoological park.

The State Wildlife Resource Commission has custody of some of the reptiles.

Animal services will take care of the rest of the animals until the court figures out what to do with them.

It's not clear yet if the homeowner will face charges.

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