Matthews PD: 4 shots fired at driver during road rage incident on I-485

Matthews PD: 4 shots fired at driver during road rage incident on I-485

MATTHEWS, N.C. — Police said a driver was shot at four times early Wednesday morning while driving on Interstate 485 in Matthews.

Officers told Channel 9 someone fired gunshots at the driver around 6:30 a.m. on the outer loop near East John Street.

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One of the shots hit the passenger door, but the driver wasn't hit.

Eyewitness News reporter Briana Harper spoke to drivers who said they've witnessed their fair share of road rage, but have never seen a situation escalate so dangerously.

"When I'm driving if I see someone trying to get aggressive I just take a step back. I'm not trying to race them or beat them to the light," said driver Lucas Carroll.

Officers said the situation could have ended a lot worse and are encouraging drivers to think twice.

"Unfortunately tempers get heated on the roadways and people take things personal when they shouldn't," said Officer Tim Aycock with the Matthews Police Department.

Police said the two drivers didn't know each other and they are still searching for the gunman, who is described as a white man wearing a flannel plaid shirt driving a white  four-door GMC or Chevy truck.

(example of gunman's vehicle)

Investigators said they are looking to see if there are any cameras in the area along I-485 in hopes of getting a better look at the suspect.

"It definitely makes me feel uneasy because I mean they could be anywhere," said driver Christena Pourles.
Anyone with any information regarding the case is asked to contact Officer Candis Kinsey at or 704-841-6758.