5-year-old boy makes 3D-printed hand for Panthers' Cam Newton

5-year-old boy makes 3D-printed hand for Panthers' Cam Newton

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Five-year-old Cam Haight wears a 3D-printed hand that he and his mother, Sarah, created.

Cam was born with a condition that left the digits on his hands fused and twisted.

He has now created 3D-printed hands for other children in need. He also made one for Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton.

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Cam's dream was to meet his namesake.

“How important was that to meet Cam (Newton)? Very important, like, 100 (percent),” the boy said.

The 3D-printed hand gives Cam confidence and the ability to be more functional.

“Riding bike, monkey bars, climbing ladders, anything where you need that thumb,” Cam said.

Cam made a Panthers-themed hand and said he wanted Newton to have it.

“I was, like, ‘Why? He has all his fingers, honey. Why would he need that?’” the boy’s mother said. “He said, ‘Me and Cam have the same name, and we both like football and that makes us twins.’”

Cam and his mom spent about 60 hours in their office using the printer to make the hand for Newton.

Cam went to Panthers training camp Saturday looking for Newton.

“He stood on the fence line hollering at Cam (Newton) very (loudly), and Cam waved at him on the field,” Sarah Haight said.

The young fan met his hero, along with other Panthers players, and is grateful for the experience.

Cam and his mom have created the Different Heros Foundation.

They provide support and make those 3-D hands for little kids like Cam.

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