• 71-year-old attacked by dogs while hanging Christmas decorations


    YORK, S.C. - Police in York, South Carolina, said a 71-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after being attacked by two of his neighbors’ dogs.

    Buddy Owens was hanging Christmas decorations at his home on Oklahoma Street when the two dogs attacked, officers said.

    When officers arrived at the scene, they ended up having to shoot one dog, while Animal Control officers seized the other.

    Owens suffered severe injuries on his arm. His neighbor, Robert Miles, was ticketed for violating the leash law.

    Miles told Channel 9 he doesn't know how his dog and a friend's dog got outside the fence.

    "I just want them to know from the bottom of my heart, that I'm very sorry that this happened," Miles said.

    Beverly Watkins, a family friend, said the attack by the boxer-pit bull mixes was unprovoked. She said that Owens never saw or heard them coming.

    "They just came out of nowhere, and attacked him," Watkins said. "They made no sound, until they were on him."

    Police said the dogs chased after another neighbor, running all the way to her door and hitting the door as she closed it. York police officers said when they arrived one of the dogs was aggressive toward them, so an officer shot it in the face.

    "We hear a gunshot, my dog screaming. I see out the window that he comes running back onto the porch," Miles said.

    Miles said both dogs have gotten loose before, but never hurt anyone. He said this was a freak accident.

    "At this point, it really does look like they got crazy and attacked him and they're vicious dogs, and that's not the case at all," Miles said.

    Family members said Owens had his first surgery Monday morning and several more are scheduled. He could be in the hospital for another week or longer.

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