71-year-old man charged in indecent exposure case in Myers Park

CHARLOTTE — A 71-year-old man has been arrested in South Carolina, accused of exposing himself to children or teenagers in a Charlotte neighborhood.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, Ronald McLean Sr. has been charged as a suspect in an indecent exposure case involving a minor that took place in Myers Park.

Officers had been investigating reports of a man driving a Chevrolet Equinox and making inappropriate comments to minors in the area. Detectives were able to identify McLean as the driver of the Equinox.

On Oct. 12, 2021, detectives said they gathered enough evidence to charge McClean with felony indecent exposure and indecent liberties with a child, and warrants were issued for his arrest.

McLean was found and arrested in Rock Hill.

Lorie Welke was thrilled to see the post from CMPD on Thursday that McLean had been arrested. She said that in September, a man fitting the same description in the same kind of vehicle repeatedly drove past her 14-year-old daughter. He eventually stopped and asked for directions. The teen found the street on her cellphone, then he asked her to come closer.

“She said, ‘Do you have a phone,’ and he said, ‘Yes,’ and she said, ‘Well, can you look it up on your phone,’ and he said, ‘No, I want to see it on yours,’” Welke said.

The teen then realized the man had no clothes on.

“He sped off when she backed away,” Welke said.

Several other people spotted the vehicle and posted similar encounters on the Nextdoor app, including Jeff White’s teenage neighbor. Later, White and his wife spotted the car in the neighborhood. They said the driver was shirtless and fit the description the neighbor gave his wife.

“She knew when she saw it, oh, that’s the guy,” White said.

They said they got behind the vehicle and called 911, and recorded on a cell phone as the y drove.

“One, at least get him out of the neighborhood. Two, maybe we corner him,” White said.

He said dispatchers advised them not to try to stop the car, so they backed off. White believes McLean is the same man, and he is happy that police made the arrest before Halloween, when there would have been many kids outside.

“That’s pretty good timing. Real good timing, as a matter of fact,” White added.

No other details about the alleged crimes have been released.

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