9 injured after hazmat situation at Myrtle Beach resort pool

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Nine people, including two juveniles, are being treated for face and respiratory issues after Myrtle Beach Fire and a hazmat team responded at an indoor pool at the Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort on South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, Lt. Jonathan Evans told WPDE.

The pool area has been shut down, as well as part of the road, as crews investigate.

Evans said crews are working to determine a cause.

Evans told WPDE there were reports of a small white gas cloud near the pool area, however crews on scene did not see the gas cloud.

A witness told WPDE that he saw people start to cough.

"They were in the pool, they started to cough, and then the older one assisted the younger one out and they came up on the concrete and ran to the parents and they were coughing profusely and they started to cough and gag and spit," said B.J. Gripper, a resort guest.

Evans said most people complained of burning sensations on their skin and throat.

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