A look at how much drivers on I-77 can expect to pay in toll rates

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Driving the length of the 26-mile toll lanes being added on Interstate 77 between uptown and Mooresville will cost up to $6.95 during peak times, according to rates disclosed Thursday by private operator I-77 Mobility Partners. Those rates will be in effect for the first six months the toll lanes are open and, after that, the company will switch to dynamic pricing, with rates changing as often as every 5 minutes.

On Thursday evening at Huntersville United Methodist Church, representatives from I-77 Mobility Partners — a spinoff from Madrid-based global infrastructure firm Cintra — presented a 25-minute overview and then heard comments and questions from a small crowd made up of opponents and critics. Nine attendees spoke as part of the toll-rate meeting. Accusations flew during the public comment portion, including assertions that the private operator has been sloppy during the construction phase, that rates can and will go much higher, that the project will wind up in bankruptcy as has happened in other states, and so on.

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State Rep. Chaz Beasley, a Mecklenburg Democrat whose district includes northern portions of the county, referred to previous concerns raised that round-trip rates could be in the range of $20. According to rates for the period after the six-month trial, round-trips could cost as much as $19.90, based on the I-77 Mobility Partners figures introduced Thursday.

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